Top Jobs in Human Resources

Because of the need for good relationships and morale among employees, training, and benefits administration in the workforce, the human resources field continues to be a growing and innovative one. Human resources employees can find themselves working for any number of organizations – private corporations, staffing offices, or human resources firms. Within the network of human resources, there are plenty of positions that are growing and continue to offer openings to qualified applicants.

Human Resources Specialist

Being a human resources specialist often means carrying out a number of assignments. They are regularly responsible for conducting interviews – either over the phone or in person – coordinating new hire paperwork, and traveling to job fairs to represent their company. They can also be specialized throughout their HR department, and only handle one role, such as recruitment specialist or placement specialist. The median salary for this position is about $52,000.

Human Resources Managers

Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the HR department – this includes managing and distributing tasks for any support staff, but also providing information about and handling any issues with sexual harassment or equal opportunity employment complaints. They are also usually charged with handling company or department disputes and overseeing the hiring and firing of employees. Because of the responsibility of staying compliant with many government imposed work regulations and the duty of resolving any problems in the work place, the median salary is $99,180 a year.

Training and Development Managers

Training managers usually have a very interpersonal role within their company. While they are under the umbrella of human resources, these managers frequently work with departments to address any training needs, and also develop training programs to meet them. Usually, this means creating presentations, purchasing manuals for company education, or organizing online training seminars, and then leading groups through the exercises. It’s also important that they follow up to see if their training and on-going education effects have a positive, lasting impact on the company. The average salary for this position is $89,000.

Human resources positions are hugely important – they are the behind-the-scenes agency that continues to provide benefits, training, and organization for employees. Companies who value their success value their employees and, ultimately, their relationships with HR. Being part of an effective HR department means being part of a healthy organization and working to help people in their prospective careers.

Master of Human Resources Online Degrees

Kaplan University MBA: Human Resources MSM: Human Resources Kaplan University › Kaplan University is one of the nation’s largest school networks serving students across the globe. Kaplan offers two graduate-level programs in human resources, the MBA and MSM programs. With its headquarters in Davenport, Iowa, Kaplan was originally established in 1937 as the American Institute of Commerce and now serves over 53,000 students worldwide.
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Northcentral University MBA: HR Management Northcentral University › Northcentral University is a small, private school with only 10,000 students currently enrolled. This can work well for students interested in more one-to-one attention from professors as they pursue an MBA in Human Resources Management. NCU is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona – about a two hour drive from Phoenix.
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Ashford University MBA: HR Mgmt MA: HR Mgmt Ashford University › If you are looking for a flexible distance learning program to enroll in and pursue your master’s degree, you should consider Ashford University which offers an MBA in Human Resources and an MA in Organizational Management in Human Resources. Ashford has almost 100 years of service to its students and alumni alike, delivering quality education through a practical approach to learning.
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Liberty University MBA: Human Resources Liberty University › Liberty University is one of the largest colleges in the country with over 70,000 students currently enrolled. The school is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and offers over 140 programs online. At Liberty University, you can earn an MBA in Human Resources entirely online and complete assignments from your home computer.
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