Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Human Resources

A growing number of business professionals are choosing to continue their education with a master’s degree in human resources. This flexible degree allows those already working in the field of human resources to continue to grow in their field and find stability in their career, while also offering those who haven’t worked in HR before a number of thriving, challenging positions.

With many high-paying, managerial HR jobs, companies prefer individuals have a master’s degree to deal with the ever-changing nature of the business world. In a time of layoffs, mergers, and complicated insurance changes, it’s important to have people in human resources who are resilient, solution-minded, and quick on their feet. In an HR master’s program, students are immersed in management, personality styles, training resources, and technology, giving them a competitive edge in the human resources field over other potential candidates. An advanced degree, essentially, prepares you for a position that comes with high-stress situations and any number of employees who might need guidance, training, or even to be let go.

Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Human Resources

Because a master’s degree advances your training, education, and skill set, there are real and tangible benefits that you can see throughout your career. These benefits can be personal and professional and include some of the following:

  • Potential for increased salary (someone with a master’s degree in a management position might make twice as much annually then someone working in a support staff role with a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma.)
  • Easier time establishing a career path with a company, or by transferring from one company to another
  • Flexibility in choosing a position within human resources
  • Job stability and satisfaction

What Jobs Require a Master’s Degree?

Not every job in HR will require a master’s degree, but having one when applying for positions beyond entry level and support staff will help your application. Some companies might want to see continued education for any of the following positions:

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Training and Development Managers
  • Benefits Manager
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
  • Business Operations Specialists

A job in human resources is not for everyone, but it can be an exciting and durable career field for some. People who know that they have dynamic personalities ready for challenges of a job dealing with interpersonal relationships, labor law, and economy changes could find themselves right at home at HR – and even more confident and comfortable with a master’s degree in the field.

Master of Human Resources Online Degrees

Kaplan University MBA: Human Resources MSM: Human Resources Kaplan University › Kaplan University is one of the nation’s largest school networks serving students across the globe. Kaplan offers two graduate-level programs in human resources, the MBA and MSM programs. With its headquarters in Davenport, Iowa, Kaplan was originally established in 1937 as the American Institute of Commerce and now serves over 53,000 students worldwide.
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Northcentral University MBA: HR Management Northcentral University › Northcentral University is a small, private school with only 10,000 students currently enrolled. This can work well for students interested in more one-to-one attention from professors as they pursue an MBA in Human Resources Management. NCU is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona – about a two hour drive from Phoenix.
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Ashford University MBA: HR Mgmt MA: HR Mgmt Ashford University › If you are looking for a flexible distance learning program to enroll in and pursue your master’s degree, you should consider Ashford University which offers an MBA in Human Resources and an MA in Organizational Management in Human Resources. Ashford has almost 100 years of service to its students and alumni alike, delivering quality education through a practical approach to learning.
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Liberty University MBA: Human Resources Liberty University › Liberty University is one of the largest colleges in the country with over 70,000 students currently enrolled. The school is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and offers over 140 programs online. At Liberty University, you can earn an MBA in Human Resources entirely online and complete assignments from your home computer.
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